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“Automatic· Intelligent” SWM X7 6AT Media Test Drive Meeting Held


From October 18 to 19, 2017, SWM Motors held“ SWM X7 6AT Automatic· Intelligent Media Test Drive Meeting” in Guilin, Guangxi Province, located in the Dragon impulse area, an intersection of two rivers and four lakes. As one of seven-seat SUVs priced at RMB 100,000, SWM X7 6AT became the focus of media attention again with its strong power, flexible space, real intelligence and other advantages.

蜜桃tv app SWM X7 6AT was unveiled at the Chengdu Motor Show in August, 2017. SWM X7 6AT is fully upgraded in terms of power, space, intelligence and configuration. Its fashionable appearance and interior decoration with a sense of technology has created an Italian-style comfortable life.

Perfect Power Match-up, Enjoying the Moment of Driving

In the test drive campaign, SWM X7 6AT motorcade started off from Guilin, passed by Xingping wharf, Shenlong water world, eventually arrived at Yangshuo, covering urban roads, highways, town and village roads and mountain roads. SWM X7 6AT shows strong power, excellent control, oversized and comfortable space, intelligent interconnection and other superior performance in different road conditions., SWM X7 6AT became a beautiful scenery line in Guilin, a popular city surrounded by mountains.

Shuttling back and forth in Guilin landscape, based on the perfect power combination of 1.5t turbocharged engine +6AT transmission, SWM X7 6AT can maximize its dynamic property and fuel economy. SWM X7 6AT has the maximum output power of 115KW and the maximum torque of 230N·m, adopts turbocharging and CVVT continuous variable valve timing technology, gets support of technical components from the first-class international suppliers such as Honeywell and Pierburg, and creates the advantages of low oil consumption, low emission, high reliability, etc. In terms of transmission, SWM X7 6AT matches 6AT gearbox, which is currently used by most mainstream brands, not only has mature technology and is widely applied, but also has good reliability and stable performance.

蜜桃tv app SWM X7 6AT standard-configured cruise control system can reduce unnecessary speed adjustment during long-distance driving, saving your energy and effort. The electronic handbrake EPB technology can greatly save the space of the control box and make the test driver operate it more easily. No key for entry + one key start-up, power sunroof and other configurations make your operation better, greatly enhance riding comfort. It can easily achieve high power, wide range, medium and low speed, large torque output and better driving experience.

Intelligent interconnection benchmark creates a comfortable life. The intelligent level of SWM X7 6AT has been further improved. SWM X7 6AT is standard-configured with a full-featured Tesla-style 12-inch high-definition touch screen, which is not only comparable to the mainstream luxury brands, but also has a more delicate and lightweight frame. SWM X7 6AT and iFLYTEK have jointly developed a new intelligent voice system for SWM Motors, and the test driver can control more than 80% of the electronic systems via voice, including air conditioning system and traveling data recorder. Massive practical driving information can be displayed on the new human-based man-vehicle communication interface. Truly free your hands, and let you enjoy the fun of driving.

蜜桃tv app Based on the original technological configurations such as Bluetooth, navigation, WIFI hotspots, anniversary reminding and gesture control, SWM X7 6AT carries a new upgraded E-go 2.0 mobile phone remote control system, through which the driver can remotely start vehicles and monitor the vehicle state by means of mobile phone, and also easily enjoy the services, such as after-sale reservation, traffic violations query, maintenance plan pushing, vehicle rescue, accident pre-warning and yearly vehicle inspection reminding, through the mobile terminal. The functions such as vehicle track monitoring provide the users meticulous care and thoughtfulness, and make vehicle remote traveling intelligent. The driver can take out mobile phone to easily start SWM X7 6AT in the parking lot anytime and anywhere, creating a comfortable life.

Flexible and Changeable Space, Comfortable and Luxurious Driving Experience

As a truly big 7-seat SUV, SWM X7 has an interior space, which has absolute advantages over other brand vehicles at the same level. SWM X7 6AT basically continues to the existing appearance design and its body dimensions are superior to those at the same level, 4,710mm long, 1,855mm wide, 1,770mm high, and its wheelbase is 2,750mm. SWM X7 6AT adopts the 232-seat layout, has 11 kinds of seat folding and combination and a third row of super seats, realizes all the seats are flatly put down so that good objects we met on the way can be placed inside it. The large-size body provides a spacious and luxurious capsule-style space for the driver, creating an enjoyable in-vehicle experience.

蜜桃tv app When test drive in the evening, SWM X7 6AT automatically opens searchlight headlights to light your way. In case of raining, there is no need to worry, because seat heating + external rear-view mirror self-heating can make you travel without worry in cold weather. SWM X7 6AT is also configured with 90sound track surround stereo sound to make you enjoy the exclusive theater-style auditory experience. At the same time, 3D 360° panoramic image easily breaks through the visual limit. Furthermore, safety auxiliary functions such as blind spot monitoring, electronic handbrake EPB and fog lamps turn lighting really make your driving interesting, travel enjoyable, eliminating worries.

SWM X7 6AT adopts a new style of interior decoration, further distinguishing the style of Italian design and the exquisite technological level. This new-style car organically combine 12-inch screen with rubber paint process, luxurious chrome-plated decoration, piano lacquer process, metal drawing process and Italian leather coating process, matching indoor front and rear LED top lights, thus, creating a luxurious atmosphere of science and technology for SWM X7.

蜜桃tv app In addition, this new-style car adopts new ergonomic seats C-SEAT, with soft texture and good support performance, not easy to cause deformation, the dual density foaming process, made of selected microfiber leather, delicate and smooth, with good permeability.

Since SWM X7 6AT was on the market, it has quickly gained popularity and reputation in the auto market of China, and SWM X7 6AT cannot be underestimated in the future. Meanwhile, SWM Motors will also continuously improve its product line, enhance its ability to fast adapt to the market, and bring more and better products and intelligent driving experience to consumers.

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